What to request for your wedding photos

There are so many different styles of wedding photography, that it pays to get to know yourself and what you will want when you are out in the marketplace looking for that perfect wedding photographer for your wedding or other large and important event. There are just as many different wedding poses and photos that can be taken during the wedding as well as the whole day leading up to the wedding and the reception and after party. It makes the job of the wedding photographer so much easier to have a better idea of what you are looking for and the style of posed and candid wedding photographs that you are looking for.  So it makes sense to know what you want before you go into your wedding day. You can take the time to interview the wedding photographer with some ideas of what you want in mind, or you can spend the days before your wedding coming up with a shot list that you can give to the photographer on the day of the wedding. Regardless of how you get to it, you really should have a better idea of what you want. In order to help you along that road, we have teamed up with Irving Photography to come up with a list of things that you should request from the wedding photographer on your wedding day. These are the most commonly requested wedding poses, and they are photos that you are going to want in your history as you go through your marriage together, wedding photographyand as you think about family and friends.

1. Formal Family Shot. Always make sure that you take the time to get the formal family shot. You have no idea when all the family members will be together again, and if you have both sides of the family there at the wedding, it may never happen again. You also never know how long you will have all those family members of all generations. So it will become incredibly important to you in the future to be sure you have captured a shot with the whole family.

2. Individual Couple Shot. You are going to have a lot of photos with a lot of people, so make sure that you plan for the shot that you want with your spouse. Moments go so quickly on a wedding day, so it is important to take the time to plan out those private couple shots. Do you want the flowers in the photo, looking at each other, a kiss? Be sure that you have thought about it and captured that on the list of shots to get.

3. Candids. You will want to remember all the friends who were at your wedding to celebrate with you, so the more candids that you can get the better. You are going to want to see all those fun and happy moments that happened while you were busy greeting guess or cutting the cake. Be sure to have your photographer work the crowd and get those candids of your friends enjoying your wedding.



  1. Internet partners who help gyms maximize their online presence. It has been well established that the majority of people look for gyms online and that the most of those people did not look any place else for their gym before they looked online. As the internet has grown over the years and more and more companies have become dependent of the web for their marketing, there have been a number of companies whose sole purpose is to help businesses dominate the online marketing world. gymamarketinggurus.com is an example of a site that dedicates itself to building unique online websites for fitness centers and gym clubs. The Gurus are one of the most important companies for this type of service but they are not the only. In fact, there are many online companies that help design websites for gyms, among those are design companies run by people who worked in the fitness industry until changing to design and advertising. Gym SEO is another way that the fitness industry had started to receive help from online companies. Gym SEO helps fitness and gym websites to receive steady internet traffic so their sites get the notoriety they need to grow the business. Nowadays, moving into the online world without the services of these kinds of pros are not often seen and becoming increasingly less common by the day.
  2. Health food services that have partnered with fitness centers to expand business. While not an entirely new concept, joining together two related industries for promotional purposes has become a very dynamic tool in the fitness industry. There are a lot of health food stores who have given up areas of their floor space for fitness advertisements, while at the gy you might have started to notice flyers for health food stores and restaurants have become more typical. The simple principle works because most people who are interested in eating healthy are also interested in exercising. Some gyms have even gone so far as to offer free gift cards to certain health stores with the purchase of a fitness club membership. Both industries are happy with the end result and this technique is one we are sure to see plenty more of in the near future.
  3. University health club advertising. Young people are among the largest target market for people who strive to stay in shape, and that is why fitness companies have started to aim a large percentage of their marketing resources at university students. These fitness campaigns include heavy distribution of flyers on university campuses and a lot of online work through social media websites to promote the gyms. There are also some special rates given to people who sign up using their student ID. The university is a great place market a gym because if you can get just a handful of students to sign up, the chances are that there will be many more coming behind them. Anytime that you have a service sold to a highly social area filled with young people, it is a recipe for good business.

All Good Do-It-Yourself Projects Start with a Local Hardware Store.

local hardware storeThese days, it sometimes seems like fewer people are engaged in things, like do-it-yourself projects and gardening.  Still, interested or not, there are things that need to be done, and someone has to do them.  For this reason, it is good to build up some knowledge of how to repair a few things, on your own.  Gardening can be an extremely beneficial skill to develop, as well.  Not only that, actually repairing, building, crafting, or growing something, yourself, is a very rewarding feeling.  Plus, you actually get something literal out of it, as you get whatever it is you built or made.  At the very least, whatever was broken will no longer be.  In any case, all good do-it-yourself projects start with a local hardware store.  In the Indianapolis area, Sullivan Hardware and Garden is most reliable local hardware store, and their service is consistent, throughout all of their three locations.

Not everyone is a professional home contractor, but you do not have to be one, just to be able to appreciate the satisfaction of building or repairing something, on your own.  You may save a lot of money, of course, provided you can do it correctly, and you might even decide you enjoy it.  One of the most satisfying outdoor activities is gardening.  You can garden purely for enjoyment, or you can garden, with the intent of growing foods and herbs, for you and your family to consume.  If your yard is big enough, why not have both a flower garden and a vegetable garden?  Either way, you will need to find the right types of soil and other gardening supplies.  Because there are so many specific requirements for so many different kinds of plants, it is important to know what you are growing and how you are growing it, before you plant anything.  Of course, since Sullivan has a gardening department, you should feel free to ask them as many questions as you want, about how to set up your garden.  You may be surprised at how much they can help you with.  The same is true of any do-it-yourself project.  As a reputable hardware store, they pride themselves on being able to help people solve their home and garden problems.

In today’s world, there is a big disconnect, in many industries, between the service you get at a local establishment and the service you get from one of the major chains.  In the case of hardware stores, the disconnect is especially pronounced, though.  While the major chains make it difficult to find even a person to ring up your purchase, local hardware stores, like Sullivan Hardware and Garden, have attentive and, perhaps even more importantly, knowledgable employees, who will be able to help you find what you need, as well as determine what, exactly, you do need.  Of course, if you do know exactly what you want, they are also an online hardware store, since they are affiliated with Do It Best, an organization of fine local hardware stores.

Men Can Get Rid of Ugly Back Hair Permanently by Having Laser Hair Removal

For men, having hairy legs and a hairy chest used to be considered very manly. Nowadays, it seems that women prefer less hair and men are jumping in and trying to please them by removing some of the hair on their body. Of course, a hairy back is completely unacceptable and always has been. Hair on the back is very unsightly and disgusting. Chest hair and leg hair have been a sign of manhood for centuries. But times have changed.laser hair removal Men are ready to get rid of some of this hair. Men actually have tried plucking it and using a sticky paper removal system, or shaving it. There are chemical solutions that claim to do the job also and hot wax. Using these procedures can be very painful. Men’s hair is stronger and harder to remove than a woman’s hair. For a man to use any of these procedures to remove back hair, chest hair, leg hair, or even ear hair can be painful. Shaving would be the only one that wouldn’t be painful. But shaving has to be repeated often and can make this a very redundant procedure to accomplish on a weekly basis. There has to be a better solution. If you are wondering how to treat your body hair and be able to get rid of it for good without a lot of pain, you can be sure that permanent laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of you unwanted body hair.

Many men will choose to have only part of their leg hair removed. This is possible by targeting only part of the leg hair so that there is still some left on the leg. This of course would have to be done by someone who knows what they are doing so that the hair that is left looks natural and is evenly spaced. Some men, however, may choose to remove all of their leg hair. With laser hair removal this is the perfect way to have this done. If you choose to have your leg hair done any other way, it will be very painful and will not be permanent. For a man, laser hair removal is the perfect solution. Men with back hair are not able to take care of that themselves as they can’t reach it in order shave, pluck or whatever method that want to use. Someone else always has to do it for them. This can be a hard task and men have wondered for years what the can do that would be permanent.

Rocky Mountain Laser can get rid of the body hair permanently. They are professional and well trained. They have many years of experience and will be able to help you in this area. For a man to have his unwanted hair removed from his back is a terrific solution to wondering how to remove it. After it is permanently removed he will never have to worry about it again. The problem will be solved.

Want to help the environment? Invest in solar panels.

There are so many different ways that we as Americans can alter our lives ever so slightly to better protect the planet and the environment in which we live. There are a lot of people who treasure their gas guzzling trucks, driving themselves everywhere, and cutting down trees for firewood. But for every one of them, there are plenty more who believe actively in recycling, composting, clean energy sources such as solar panels, and in doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. It is important to raise awareness of the everyday things that people can do with minimal disruption to their daily routines. Many think that only big sweeping changes can help save the planet, but if everyone took up a couple of little items they could do every day, that would still have a net impact similar to a big sweeping change.

Some of the bigger things that people can do with their homes and work spaces include solar panel installation from RCC Solar, home energy audits, and better insulation and windows to maximizehome solar power heating and cooling capabilities of a home. Solar panels can provide an alternative energy source to the typical power grid, and excess power can even be recovered by the power company and used to power other homes and businesses. They will always give the homeowner a rebate for that power used, so a homeowner can effectively make money off of their solar panel systems, while simultaneously helping the environment. The ability of solar panels to help the environment reaches beyond just the home or office where they are installed, and can actually help multiple homes and buildings achieve electric savings and reduced power needs.

Public transportation is another huge boon for consumers and cities alike. Investments in infrastructure and public transportation systems can do wonders for increasing accessibility of different parts of town for citizens as well as potentially reducing the number of cars on the road. Fewer cars on the road means less carbon dioxide emissions, and trains and buses can even be powered with alternative sources of clean energy such as solar as well. Generally speaking, fewer cars on the road or less dependence on the cars we do have is good for everyone, city and citizen included. Less congestion, less traffic, and less opportunity for drinking and driving are all positive aspects that can improve the quality of life in any city. Those cities with robust public transportation systems tend to be among the most popular and highly rated for livability in the country. They draw environmentally conscious, younger talent who have chosen to forgo a car altogether, and provide for a quality of life that many other areas cannot compete with.

These are just a couple of what amounts to hundreds of ideas and ways in which your average citizen can have a positive impact on the environment. Reducing our carbon footprint is good for everyone, ourselves included, and is typically better for overall quality of life, mental health, and financial health as well. Knowing that you do not have to worry as much about gas prices going up is a bonus, too.

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We all do things when we are young which we come to regret later on in life. It may be where we choose to study or the jobs which we turned down. Often times the things people most regret are very private and no one aside from themselves knows what they are and there are times when the things which we regret are much more evident. One of these common regrets that are not so secret is a tattoo. There is something about getting a tattoo which is so appealing to young people. Maybe the tattoo is away to rebel against what our parents tell us or maybe it’s a way we try and capture the essence of important moments in our lives. Whatever the reason is that we get tattoos when we are young and that choice often comes back to haunt us later and it can lead to a nagging sense of regret each time we look in the mirror. Fortunately, today there are laser tattoo removal solutions that can help make those regrets a thing of the past.

There are centers like Rocky Mountain Laser which specialize in tattoo removal in the state of Colorado. There website, www.rockymountainlaser.com has a wide range of options for people who have a tattoo or several tattoos which they want removed. The center sees dozens of people each day who come in for the same reason; they have a tattoo which they regret getting and they are willing to do anything to get it removed. Most people are not even aware that there are options out there for people who want to have their ink removed. You can look at the different procedures that Rocky Mountain Laser offers online or you can give them a call at the clinic to ask about prices and appointment availability. You are sure to be surprised when you find out just how easy and effective tattoo removal has become these days. There are no types of tattoos which Rock Mountain Laser can’t help you eliminate or reduce the appearance of. The clinic has been at it for a long time and they know the best method for getting any color or size tattoo to disappear.

Most people just go on living with their tattoo because they are under the impression that there is nothing that can be done to help them, but there is and you can be tattoo free in no time, you just have to take the initiative and call. No more looking in the mirror wondering why you ever got the tattoo in the first place. No more trying to hide your tattoo when you go in to job interviews or while you are on the job. Best of all with tattoo removal there will be no more wishing that people could see you as someone else, because now they can. Getting your unwanted tattoo removed might be one of the best moves of your life. The time for regret has passed; it’s time to take control of the future.

Schools lack sufficient textbooks, hold classes in portable offices

School boards and counties have been making headlines recently with various political arguments over curriculum, some of which have students and teachers alike protesting proposed changes. While the question is certainly an important one, there are some other issues that are just as pressing for schools’ needs, and more importantly, students’ needs, that are not being addressed. They are also not receiving the publicity that these protests have received, but they do deserve the same level of attention.

First, students are suffering from a lack of adequate textbooks in classrooms. The curriculum question is almost a moot point in many classrooms, as there are not enough textbooks to go around. Students are sharing, and photocopying, and teachers are assigning different reading assignments to half of the class one night and the others read it the following night. Generally speaking, there is a shortage of school supplies and teachers are well known for reaching into their own pockets to supplement supplies with their own purchases. But textbooks are a whole other level of difficult to work without, and it would really behoove the school district and boards to pay attention.

Second, there are some schools that have been underfunded and unable to keep up with expanding class size. Some of these campuses have not been expanded since they were built, many of them forty or fifty years ago. Students have vastly outpaced capacity, and many of them have class in portable office buildings that are brought on site. Meant to be a temporary fix until buildings could be expanded, these portable buildings appear to be here to stay. As it is, there is scarcely a child in the city who has not had a class held in one of these mobile office buildings. While conditions are fine, these were meant to be temporary locations for students until more space was added, and it simply seems that by sticking them in temporary mobile offices it is becoming a lower and lower priority to fix up any of themobile office schools that need the extra space.

Lastly, almost every school in the area is underfunded, which ultimately means there are fewer textbooks and students having classes in mobile office buildings. But it also means that extracurricular activities are taking a hit, as are elective courses. Being forced to let go of teachers and certain supplies means that elective classes such as art and music are being cut back, and certain sports teams are no longer school funded. Many of them, determined to still continue to play, are using old uniforms and doing their own fundraising and carpooling to the various sporting events.

It is true resilience that so many kids continue to thrive in spite of all of these cut backs, and in spite of the relative disinterest of adults in their plight. Governments are continually finding places to cut corners and balance their budgets, and public education continues to be one of the places they pick on, most unfortunately. By talking about this issue, perhaps we can raise some awareness.

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It’s best to leave corporate travel to the professionals.

http://www.be-dynamic.netIf you have ever planned a family vacation, then you probably understand that things don’t always go as planned.  Often, things come up, or weather forces plans to be changed, and you end up having a vacation that is very different from the one you imagined in your mind.  Trying to get two, three, four, or more people to agree on what to do, where to eat, where to stay, etc. can be a trick process, and often leads to a large amount of headaches.  Now, think about what it must be like to plan corporate travel.  Corporate travel can mean getting dozens, if not hundreds, of people organized.  It means booking countless flights, reserving hotel rooms, getting office and meeting spaces, and so much more organized beforehand, and then managing all of those things at once.  For these reasons, and so many more, corporate travel is one of the many things in the world that are better left to the professionals.

The industry where companies and individuals help corporations plan their travel is known as corporate travel management.  It refers to companies that help other companies with all of the details of planning a business trip.  For example, one of the many things that corporate travel management companies are good at is booking flights.  Often these companies book so many flights for numerous companies that they work with an airline directly.  Thus, they are able to get you flights for much cheaper than you would have been able to purchase them.  In addition, they have ways of getting around the fact that some flights may be booked up.  The bottom line here is that they have connections and experience in the industry of travel that are to your benefit.  These companies are also excellent at booking hotels and getting meeting spaces set up for your company to meet while they are traveling.

In addition to these aspects of travel, travel planners are also great at other things.  For example, many corporate travel management companies can help you execute on the goals of your trip.  For example, if the goal of your trip is to help your staff get to know each other better, and to ultimately boost team morale to drive the bottom line of your company, they can help you do that.  They will help you design an itinerary for your trip that will help you reach those goals.  They will help you line up speakers, set aside spaces, track who is attending which meetings and why, perform surveys after each day, and so much more.  Ultimately, these companies want to get to know your company and what makes it tick.  From there, they will help you design the perfect trip to achieve your particular goals.  Planning trips, as was mentioned above, is difficult.  Planning trips that achieve a particular goal are even more difficult to plan.  This is why it is a great idea to hire a professional corporate travel management company.  They have experience with this sort of thing and will help you deliver on all of your corporate travel goals.

Eyeglasses to Style Your Photo Shoot

When styling your models for a photo shoot, it is imperative that the choices you make are consistent with the look you are trying to convey and the brand you are promoting. If your accessories are in contrast to your story, it can throw off the whole photograph by drawing attention in the wrong way. You would not want to dress your model in bellbottoms for a steampunk style photo shoot, so why would you place leather goggles on your hippie model. Eyewear should not be an afterthought when styling your photo shoot, as it is a prominent accessory that conveys a clear point of view. Appropriately chosen eyewear in a photograph can help transport your viewers to an entirely different time and place. Take your photo shoot to the next level with these styling tips.


If you are going for a 50’s retro style photo shoot, consider using angular, pointy cat-eye eyeglasses to convey the mood. Think Audrey Hepburn. Think thick black, red or white plastic frames. Think pin up girl. Think glam.


To really enhance that 60’s style photo shoot, find big round oversized frames. Choose a tortoise shell or clear pastel color to really complement the style. Add some smokey translucent lenses and you have really nailed the look.


To portray that 70’s disco vibe, use oversized round or square frames with some added bling and embellishments to really capture that flashy diva feel. Find some unique frames with more interesting shapes like hearts and stars to really add some grooviness to your funky look.


To portray an 80’s vibe in your photo styling, introduce wayfarer sunglasses into your shoot. The plastic frames, opaque lenses, and sharp edges are iconic to that era. Find these frames in bold, neon colors with crazy patterns and angular shapes to really amp up the look. If you are going for more of that Top Gun 80’s look, consider using aviator style shades instead to achieve that cool as a cucumber style. 


Going for the steampunk statement? Use eyeglasses with round circular frames. Or if you want to go really literal with this look, add in some oversized goggles with single or double lenses. By adding details like leather, copper and gold, you can really create that industrial fantasy vibe.


Classic shapes like square or rectangle can be used to add more sophistication to your model as well as to your photo shoot. Use neutral tones like brown, silver or gold for a more traditional look. Use tortoise shell frames to pair with a suit or other business attire. Rimless frames will also add a modern sleekness to your sophisticated photo shoot. To add some additional maturity to your model, consider adding a chain to these sophisticated eyeglasses.


Large, oversized shield glasses are a great option for conveying that futuristic vibe in your photo shoot. Make sure they have mirrored lenses in an exaggerated rectangular shape that wrap generously around your head.

You can assess the clarity and color of a certified diamond to determine its worth

How do you go about choosing the best diamond of the lot?  There are a great deal of characteristics of these stones that affect the quality and value.  But ultimately you should choose the diamond that you think is the most beautiful and the best fit for your situation.  Below are some descriptions of how the value of a diamond changes based on it’s color and clarity, and hopefully these descriptions will help you to make the best decision on a diamond.

When someone mentions a diamond’s color grade they are actually talking about lack of color.  The most pure kind of diamond is the one containing little to no color at all.  The certified diamondkinds of diamonds that are while or colorless will receive a higher quality grade than those with a noteworthy color.  A diamond with no color is also considered to be structurally perfect and chemically pure.  Jewelers use a D to Z diamond color grading system to give each stone a value.  This system measures the degree of color by comparing the stone to master stones that have established color values.  This comparison is done under controlled lighting so that pristine viewing conditions are used for giving values.  Stone color is one way to give a diamond value and to ultimately decide how much it is worth.

Another characteristic that gives value to diamonds is clarity.  This characteristic refers to the presence of viewable impurities, blemishes, or other marks that are unique to a particular stone.  These marks or blemishes occur naturally in the stones and are a result of their making.  Diamonds are made when carbon is exposed to any tremendous amount of pressure and heat which happens deep below the earth’s surface.  When this happens, unique blemishes and other marks are internally and externally imprinted on the diamond. More specifically, internal markings are called inclusions, and external markings are called blemishes.  Because these markings occur naturally, they do not necessarily cause the diamond to be of lesser value, but they do make each one unique.  No two diamonds can ever completely be the same, and this is due in part to each stone’s unique clarity.  Since every natural diamond is made in its own way, it holds its own individual blemishes and inclusions.  These combine to make up the clarity grade of each and every diamond.  To give a diamond a full clarity evaluation, the number, size, nature, and position of each blemish and inclusion is taken into account.  How these markings affect the overall appearance of the diamond is also considered when grading clarity.  The diamond with the least amount of internal and external markings is given a grade of the highest clarity, and thus, a higher value.  A diamond with extremely high clarity is considered to be as close to pure as possible.

Clarity and color are just two characteristics that you can look at to assess the overall value of a diamond.  These are combined with other measurements to give you the best idea of what sort of stone you are getting.